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Videos from recent international projects

India Crusade 2013 from Scott Nute on Vimeo.

The Resurrection Hits Honduras! from Scott Nute on Vimeo.

Suffering: The Paperboy's Journey from Scott Nute on Vimeo.

Scott Nute Global Ministries Promo Video. from Scott Nute on Vimeo.

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Pornography: True or False Intimacy?

Why do so many men, and a growing number of women, use pornography? Read more

The Blade is Clean

The "blade" of death takes each of us eventually. What are we doing about it…for ourselves and others? Read more

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Monthly Newsletter Update

In nations around the world, lives are being changed by the Gospel and Christians are being trained to live for and share the Gospel through SNGM. Read of both recent and upcoming projects in our monthly updates. Read more >>

Wounded Hearts

Many of us have brokenness inside. Much of this stems from broken families where healthy relationships founded on God’s love and intimate communication were not established. Rather, there may have been alcoholism, violence, divorce, abuse, addictions, etc. Scott Nute experienced all of these as a boy. Read in Wounded Hearts how Jesus Christ continues to help Scott move forward into wholeness and how your wounded heart can get help too.

Are We to Judge Other People?

Are we to judge other people…should Christians judge other Christians? What does the Bible say about judging? Read Scott Nute’s recent thought provoking article on this subject.

Satan’s Baby Boy!

What does he look like? Has he been born yet; if so, what is his name? Read more about the Antichrist and his developing world.