Ministries of Scott Nute Global Ministries

Region-wide Evangelistic Crusades

Outreach events are geared to reach entire communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These events are focused on dozens and hundreds of local churches from various denominations working together in the preparation and follow-up of the crusade, ensuring next-step discipleship opportunities are in place for those making decisions for Christ at the crusade. SNGM Event Coordinators work closely with the local churches months in advance of the crusade.

Help reach entire communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

School Programs (Life Program)

Scott Nute Global Ministries (SNGM) has developed school programs to inspire and challenge students and teachers to pursue God’s plan for their lives, and avoid things that can keep them outside God’s plan, such as drugs, alcohol, sexual immorality, peer pressure, rebellion, and other issues. The video is of Scott Nute speaking at a school program in Zimbabwe.

Help reach students with the love of Jesus Christ!

Wounded Hearts

Many people throughout the world have been legitimately and unfairly wounded by people, by circumstances, and by “life.” Scott Nute has been on a personal healing and recovery journey since 1994, and a vital, special component of SNGM is to offer hope, encouragement, and practical next steps to wholeness to those struggling with life hindering issues, such as depression, anxiety, anger/rage, addictions, divorce, death of loved ones, sexual abuse, and any experiences in life that caused emotional damage. See the “Wounded Hearts” section in our website.


Help bring hope to those struggling with heart-felt life issues!

Bibles & Tracts

In numerous countries around the world, there are pastors, church leaders, and Christians, who do not own their own Bibles. As we are able, we purchase and give Bibles in the local language to church leaders and Great Commission-minded Christians who don’t have a Bible. We also distribute thousands of salvation tracts to students and teachers in our school programs, and throughout the churches, conferences, crusades, and communities in which we hold our outreach and training events. You can help us give Bibles and salvation tracts to thousands of people each year!

Join us in distributing Bibles and Gospel Tracts to the nations!