“The Wall of Fear”…Share Your Faith!

I just had to do it, even though the wall of fear was before me. As I sat at the side of the pool with my mom, I watched all the big kids jumping off the high dive. Something within me knew I could do it‚ yet another part was scared to try because the wall of fear felt so real. I couldn’t ignore the stirring in my heart any longer. I stood up and began walking to the high dive. I was shaking a little as I climbed the ladder. I still remember how the diving board felt like wet sandpaper under my feet. For a moment I thought about climbing back down the ladder but there were other kids in line anxiously waiting for me to go. I looked out over the pool and saw my mom cheering me on. I then knew I could do it! I closed my eyes‚ took a deep breath and kinda stepped off the board like I was a stiff statue. The next thing I knew I was in the water swimming towards the top. I did it! It was not that big a deal at all. Why had I been so scared? It was actually so easy. I got out of the water and went and sat back by my mom who was applauding me. Guess what happened? A couple minutes later I said to myself‚ “I bet I can jump off the high dive again?” I went back‚ climbed the ladder, and as I was on the high dive board this second time, that same wall of fear was there again but with a little less intensity. Again I closed my eyes‚ took a deep breath and jumped. But this time instead of jumping off the diving board like a stiff statue I put a little bounce under me and went up a little. I hit the water with such exhilaration and confidence. I had learned how to step through the wall of fear! That was around 35 years ago. Now I can do flips off the high dive‚ yet that wall of fear still comes just a little every time I get ready to jump. I have simply trained myself through repetition to step through the wall of fear and do what my heart desires to do…jump off the high dive.

Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ is like jumping off the high dive, in that the wall of fear comes up every time our heart desires to share His love with someone, especially the first few times. Whether it is the first or the millionth time‚ satan and our own flesh will put up that wall of fear in an attempt to keep us from doing what our heart desires to do…share the love of Jesus Christ with another human being. Jesus cheers us on and says‚ “You can do it” just like my mom cheered me on when I jumped off the high dive. What we have to do is simply learn how to jump through that wall of fear. The first time is by far the most fearful and nerve-racking. Then‚ after we step through the fear and share our faith with someone for the first time‚ just like I did after my first jump off the high dive‚ we ask ourselves‚ “Why was I so scared‚ why did I wait so long? It was actually so easy.” It is simply a matter of relying on the Lord to control the wall of fear instead of letting the wall of fear control us.

Has the Lord been putting the desire in your heart to share your faith in Jesus Christ with another person? If so‚ you will need to learn how to effectively and clearly share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a non-threatening yet bold way so that you can step through the wall of fear and do it. There are several ways in which you can learn how to share your faith. You can go to your Pastor and talk to him about it. You can go to a Christian friend who shares their faith and have them teach you. Being trained in a personal evangelism presentation equips Christians to share our faith clearly and quickly with friends‚ family, and/or strangers. You can also download our free personal evangelism materials here on our website. I also do personal evangelism seminars in churches‚ which are usually done in tandem with an outreach.

The following are the basic steps in sharing our faith that can get you started until you are fully and properly trained to share your faith.