Free Evangelistic Video


Free Evangelistic VideoThe Gospel of Jesus Christ is a very simple message! God Himself created and gave the Gospel message to the world, and He created each human heart to respond to this message! Scott Nute Global Ministries has developed a simple evangelistic video specifically designed so that churches and Christians of all cultures in the world can use it to reach their community, and their family, and their friends, with the Gospel message.

The video is FREE for you to download (at the bottom of this page) and to use. Also, you can copy and send this page and the video to other pastors and Christians throughout your region and country, and around the world. We ask that if you (and anyone you send the video to) use the video, that 1) you use the video only in the context for which it was created…in events, and in services, and in public invitations, etc., that are evangelistic in method and in Theology, and 2) that after you use the video you contact our ministry here through an email and send us a brief report with the following information:

Include in the report:

The video contains the following:

Below are some suggested ways you can use this video to reach non-Christians in your area. We suggest that you be intentional and use this video for evangelistic events that you prepare for in advance by INVITING & BRINGING non-Christians to the video event, and also people who need a church or Christian group for spiritual growth.

To download the free evangelistic outreach video click here.