Tract Evangelism

1 Corinthians 3:7, “So neither he who plants, nor he who waters is anything, but only God who makes things grow”

The following strategy is written in the context of offering tracts to people we don’t know yet; people we come in contact with in our daily life. If we offer tracts to friends, family, or to someone we have had a brief spontaneous conversation with, we can slightly change the following approach and opening statements to make it more personal. But, the following is based on offering tracts to people we don’t know yet.


The Approach

Approaching a person with the intent of offering them a tract is a challenging, even frightening thing for many of us. Here are steps we can take:

  1. Prayer: we must be in daily prayer to be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8).
  2. Be alert: we have to be alert and intentional in looking for opportunities to offer tracts to people (Luke 19:10). The following are some places to offer tracts to people:
    -Stores: cashiers, salesmen
    -Gas stations: people at the gas pump
    -Homeless people: those on street corners
    -Athletic events
    -Public transportation: airplanes, buses, shuttles
    -Everywhere we go is an opportunity to offer tracts to people
  3. Smile: we can be nervous so take a breath and put on a smile.
  4. Take the Step: Once you have identified a person you desire to offer a tract to here is a suggested opening statement to use when approaching them:
    -“Excuse me, can I ask you a quick question? Would you be interested in reading this booklet that talks about knowing Jesus Christ…about going to heaven when we die? I can leave it with you to read and think about. If you are not interested, no problem.” (If they say “no” to your offer of a tract simply smile, say “OK, have a good day (or evening)”, and turn and walk away.
  5. Take the Next Step: If the person accepts the tract here is a suggested next statement:
    -“I did what this booklet talks about and accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord and my life changed. It is great to know if I died today I am going to heaven. Please read the booklet and think about it…it is very important.”
  6. Take Another Step: If you sense the person is open take another step using the following statement:
    -“Would it be ok if I took a couple minutes and asked you some questions contained in this booklet?”

If they say yes then you move into the “Sharing the Gospel” presentation. If at any time they say “no” to your offer of a tract or to talk about Christianity, you say with a smile, “OK, have a good day (or evening)”, and then turn and leave. Then, pray for them.

Creative Placement of Tracts

The following are creative places to leave tracts. Make sure the tracts are in good shape, not wrinkled and such, and simply leave them in strategic places, such as:

Places to purchase tracts:  North American Mission Board,,

(866) 407-6262; Evangelism Explosion,;


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