Island Buses to Heaven

Siargao-01Very soon—May 11th-12th—our ministry has the opportunity to conduct the most unique event that we have ever done! We are having an Island-Wide Crusade on Siargao Island of the Philippines! God has already been working throughout the island…let me tell you more:

Located over 8,000 miles from America in the Philippine Sea, Siargao Island (map on left) is inhabited by 100,000 people on 169 square miles of land. The main beach on the island, Cloud 9 in General Luna, is listed as one of the top surfing locations in the world and hosts international surfing contests. This is the beach our ministry has rented where the crusade is being held!

Siargao-02There are 112 churches (basically all tiny churches) united together for this special event, the first event of this kind they have ever done! Our Asia Event Coordinator stated that pastors said the unity and fellowship their churches have experienced in preparing for this event has been overwhelming! So much so that something has happened on the island and, for the first time in my ministry, local churches involved in one of our crusades are going to help us pay to rent buses to bring people to the crusade! Please know, basically every island church (like the one in the photo above), and every islander, is poverty stricken, with some pastors getting paid with fish and vegetables. Some islanders will be working overtime so they can donate to the crusade bus rentals to bring their family and friends to the crusade! So, this is a HUGE thing for the churches to do!

At $29,000, the transport budget for this crusade is the largest our ministry has ever had! The pastors, on their own initiative, came up with the idea that their churches would raise 1/2 of this amount ($14,500) to rent buses. I was stunned at this, and I realized that God is doing something special through these churches on Siargao Island!

Siargao-03Notice the photos on the right: the top one is a bus called a “Jeepney,” which is the main public transport on the island (each Jeepney holds around 60 people). We are going to rent as many Jeepneys as we possibly can, and also boat ferries from other islands (bottom photo), that will bring as many people as possible to hear the message of The Cross! It will only cost $1.66 per person ($100 per bus) per night for two nights to bring people to the crusade. Will you please help the island churches & our ministry to bring as many people as possible–by land and sea—to hear about Jesus Christ?

Siargao-04If you feel led to join with us in renting buses, you can give a designated donation (give online with no credit card fees) to “Philippines Island Crusade Transport May 2017.” Our ministry needs to raise 1/2 of the transport budget ($14,500). Every dollar you give will go to rent as many buses as possible! Your gift sent today will allow us the “more than normal” time needed to prepare the island transport system. Thank you for helping us reach an island of precious lives with Jesus Christ!

For the island of Siargao,


Scott Nute

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Multi-Cultural Message – 4 Countries in 2 Months

scottnute002The past 2 months God has spread His Message through our ministry in a multi-cultured way! Our various teams conducted evangelistic & training events in these 4 countries: El Salvador, the Philippines, India, and Pakistan. Here is an overview:

In El Salvador February 15th-20th, our team conducted Community Crusades in 4 regions of El Salvador (photo on top right)! And, we spoke in public schools reaching a few thousand students with the Gospel! 334 people committed to Christ!

In the Philippines February 20th-24th, another phase of advance mobilization was completed for our upcoming Island-Wide Crusade, May 11-12. Our Philippine Event Director, Lourdman Cabuenos, taught our personal evangelism & follow-up system (churches are seeing people come to Christ before the crusade as a result of applying the Operation Andrew strategy)! Plus, Lourdman shared the Gospel in public schools on Siargao Island…over 500 students said YES to Jesus (photo left)!

Last month on March 12th in India (middle photo), and on March 24th in Pakistan, in the area of the world called the 10/40 Window, our ministry conducted our first E-Events (electronic evangelism events)! We partnered with churches in these countries and gave them a custom-made video of one of my messages—THE CROSS! This video was designed to be interpreted specifically for these electronic events in other nations. In the photo on the right, our video is being shown in Pakistan on a TV that we rented. As I share The Cross message through the video, the Pakistani pastor is translating the message into Urdu. To protect their identities, we cannot share the pastors’ names. But, we can tell you that in India 61 people attended the event with 21 people repenting and trusting Jesus Christ; and, in Pakistan 63 people (16 children) attended the event, and 12 people made public decisions for Jesus Christ!

For countries in the 10/40 Window it could mean persecution for people who turn to Christ. Please, pray for these new believers and for these churches in India and Pakistan! Our ministry is also providing Bible study resources and ministry tools to these churches to assist in the discipleship of the new believers. As God provides, we plan to continue using technology to impact the nations for Christ, especially the nations that are closed or almost closed to the Gospel.

Here is the eternal fruit from our last 2 months of ministry in El Salvador, the Philippines, India, and Pakistan:

  • More than 867 people made public decisions of repentance and faith in Jesus Christ!
  • Over 4,100 church leaders and Christians were trained in our personal evangelism & follow-up system (the same system created by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association that we were given permission to duplicate and use)!
  • 42,000 Salvation tracts were distributed to church leaders and to Christians for their ministries and personal use! And, every person who committed to Christ was given a tract to share with their family and friends!

We thank and praise God for allowing our team & our partners to have a part in what He is doing throughout His world!

Because HE said “Go,”


Scott Nute

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Off to El Salvador, February 15-20

elsalvador-stadiumFor the second time in our ministry, we have the privilege of proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ in the nation of El Salvador! Please join us in prayer for many lives to turn to Christ, and for the local churches to be strengthened and better equipped for ministry through our training system.

Guillermo-GrandeFebruary 15th-20th our team will conduct Community Crusades in 3 regions of El Salvador! Our Latin Coordinator, Pastor Guillermo Grande (top right) has worked with the involved churches for several months preparing them in how to share their Christian faith, and how to bring their non-Christian and unchurched family and friends to these special events to hear the Gospel!

el-salvadorIn connection to these events we have the opportunity to present the claims of Christ in several public schools! After encouraging the students to avoid harmful choices such as drugs and alcohol, we will share how Jesus is the only way for them to experience a fulfilling life! Then we’ll invite all the students, and the school faculty, to attend the outreach events and bring their families and friends.

Joining me on this project is bilingual Pastor Mike McGuire from Hobbs, NM! Mike will be speaking and sharing his testimony in both the crusades and the schools, and he will be interpreting for me in all of the events. Pray for God to use Pastor Mike in a mighty way!

Last year, through the first project we did in El Salvador, we conducted a stadium crusade with over 7,000 people attending (top left photo)…and 240 individuals came to Christ (like the people in the photos to the right)! God willing, we hope and pray to see many more lives transformed in El Salvador through these upcoming crusades and school programs. Your prayers would be appreciated!

For every $15.65 that is contributed to our ministry, we see ONE PERSON make a public commitment to Jesus Christ! If you would like to help Reach, Win, & Train people in El Salvador with the Good News of Jesus Christ, you can contribute a designated donation to “El Salvador Mission 2017.” Thank you for your help!

For El Salvador,
Scott Nute

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Revival in NM & Divine Door to the Philippines

God is alive and well in the deserts of New Mexico! Here is the report of what the Lord did last week in the “Harvest Festival” we conducted in Logan, New Mexico, as well as details about our project next week in the Philippines.

revival-in-nm-01With a population of approximately 900 people, the town of Logan had the seeds of the Gospel of Jesus Christ spread all over their community! Logan First Baptist Church, which has a Sunday church attendance of 120 people, prayed and prepared for several weeks for this event that happened October 16-19. A total of 33 people made a public decision for Jesus Christ, and out of those, 18 were first time salvation decisions! One was an 8-year-old boy, and when I asked him what his decision was, he said he accepted Jesus. I then asked him, “If you just accepted Jesus, then where is He right now?” He pointed to his left side and said, “Oh, Jesus is right here by my side…and He is in my heart too!” Their church has begun the follow-up of each person who made a life-changing decision for Christ!

Next week, I leave for our next international mission! November 7-13, I will be in Manila, Philippines, a city of 12,000,000 people. We are conducting FIVE strategic Community Crusades throughout a targeted region of Manila. Our Philippine event director has trained 100 leaders, 20 from each area, for these events, and these leaders are ready for both pre-event personal evangelism and post-event follow-up of the people who turn to Christ! Plus, as extensions of these Community Crusades, I will be speaking in several public schools for DRUG AWARENESS PROGRAMS.

Marijuana and “shabu,” which in the USA is called methamphetamine, are widely used by youth in Manila, and I will address the dangers of such drugs. What is different about some third-world countries, such as the Philippines, is that we are able to proclaim the GOOD NEWS OF JESUS CHRIST in the public schools! From 1993-2005, the Philippines held the Guinness Book of World Records for having the largest high school in the world! God willing, we will be sharing the Message of THE CROSS with between 10,000-20,000 students, of which 80% are not born-again Christians!

This is an enormous open door to lead thousands of young people to Jesus Christ! In the photo below, from Manila in 2012, I am speaking to 5,000 students, one-half of that school’s population. Then, in the photo above, students in Manila are responding to Jesus Christ through a personal prayer of repentance and faith! God willing, next week we will see many more young people turn to Christ—and you can help us reach them!

revival-in-nm-02You can help us to SAVE SOULS & CHANGE LIVES next week in the Philippines! Your gift designated to “Philippines Mission 2016” will help us to reach many families, and thousands of students, with the love of Jesus Christ! Plus, we are providing training & giving resources to the 100 church leaders mobilized for these events. You can give online with no credit card transaction fees at! And, you can give on your mobile by texting GIVE to 832-271-3353. Thank you for your help!

On to Asia with the Good News,


Scott Nute

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Life Saving Texts

life-saving-textsWith so many good things taking place in our ministry, it is a challenge to know where to start! Let me share about our new texting follow-up & information system.

Our ministry works hard to not only reach the lost and win them to Christ, but also to provide “layers” of follow-up contact and information to the people who commit to Christ during our events. We do this in several ways, such as our direct training of the local churches we work with who are responsible to apply the follow-up training we provide to them. Now, in addition to supplementing the local church follow-up training we provide, our ministry will be using a “Texting” system that allows people to contact us for further information.

Over the next year, God willing, we plan on conducting evangelism & training projects in four 3rd-world countries. We can use our text follow-up system anywhere in the world, and we will provide text follow-up information before, during, and after, our events! People who come to Christ at our events can easily text us for more information. Plus, those who attend our events but don’t commit to Christ at that time, or anyone for that matter, can contact us for spiritual growth and “life” information. You can give it a try right now to see for yourself…for MORE information on any topic below text MORE to 832-271-3353, and then follow the prompting response that will connect you to that topic on our website, which is now available in 103 languages:


We believe using this text follow-up & information system will help our ministry to have a greater impact in people’s lives in numerous ways, such as personal evangelism, and spiritual growth, and overall life development!

October 16-19, I will be in New Mexico, which is where I am from! We are having a “Harvest Festival” with First Baptist Church of Logan, NM. I will also be speaking in the local public schools talking to the students on issues such as drugs & alcohol, peer-pressure, and other issues many students face. I cannot share about Christianity in the schools, but we will invite the students and teachers to the Harvest Festival event.

life-saving-texts-new-mexicoNext month I will share details of the strategic multi-phase project we are working on in the Philippines for November 7-13, 2016 and into 2017! Until then, your prayers & ministry partnership are appreciated!



Scott Nute

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