Off to El Salvador, February 15-20

elsalvador-stadiumFor the second time in our ministry, we have the privilege of proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ in the nation of El Salvador! Please join us in prayer for many lives to turn to Christ, and for the local churches to be strengthened and better equipped for ministry through our training system.

Guillermo-GrandeFebruary 15th-20th our team will conduct Community Crusades in 3 regions of El Salvador! Our Latin Coordinator, Pastor Guillermo Grande (top right) has worked with the involved churches for several months preparing them in how to share their Christian faith, and how to bring their non-Christian and unchurched family and friends to these special events to hear the Gospel!

el-salvadorIn connection to these events we have the opportunity to present the claims of Christ in several public schools! After encouraging the students to avoid harmful choices such as drugs and alcohol, we will share how Jesus is the only way for them to experience a fulfilling life! Then we’ll invite all the students, and the school faculty, to attend the outreach events and bring their families and friends.

Joining me on this project is bilingual Pastor Mike McGuire from Hobbs, NM! Mike will be speaking and sharing his testimony in both the crusades and the schools, and he will be interpreting for me in all of the events. Pray for God to use Pastor Mike in a mighty way!

Last year, through the first project we did in El Salvador, we conducted a stadium crusade with over 7,000 people attending (top left photo)…and 240 individuals came to Christ (like the people in the photos to the right)! God willing, we hope and pray to see many more lives transformed in El Salvador through these upcoming crusades and school programs. Your prayers would be appreciated!

For every $15.65 that is contributed to our ministry, we see ONE PERSON make a public commitment to Jesus Christ! If you would like to help Reach, Win, & Train people in El Salvador with the Good News of Jesus Christ, you can contribute a designated donation to “El Salvador Mission 2017.” Thank you for your help!

For El Salvador,
Scott Nute

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