Reaching and Training Lives in the Philippines

Jesus said for us to take the Gospel to every corner of the world! What a privilege it is for our ministry to literally be able to do this. We are excited for our upcoming project Nov 23-Dec 5 in the Philippines! It is because of God providing through His people — people like you — that we are able to reach and train people throughout the globe with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

For this project, we will be working with several churches in the city of Manila. Manila is the most populated metropolitan area in the Philippines, and the 11th in the world, with an estimated population of 16,300,000. Over the past three years Manila has been hit extremely hard by large-scale typhoons, which took the lives of hundreds of people, and they are in desperate need of hope and direction!

One-third of the Philippines’ population is under 20 years old. A major issue with Filipino youth, even more than in America, is being “hooked” on the internet and using computers as an escape from the pain and disappointments of life. Drugs, alcohol, and sexual immorality continue to be a growing problem, but interestingly, those with the AIDS virus are less than 0.1% of the population, yet homosexuality is an openly expanding lifestyle choice by many youth and young adults. What a joy it will be for our team to take the liberating message of Jesus Christ to many thousands of Filipino youth when we conduct our school program in junior highs, high schools, and colleges throughout Manila!

We will also be conducting strategic Leadership Development Conferences in three locations throughout the city of Manila. Over 250 pastors, church leaders, and Great Commission-minded Christians will gather to hear and apply encouraging messages on preaching, personal evangelism, and discipleship/mentoring strategies. Thanks to you, our financial and prayer partners, we will be purchasing a nice meal for the conference attendees, giving Bibles to church leaders who do not have their own Bibles, and providing 30,000 Gospel tracts for distribution in the schools, churches, and communities in both English and their local language, Tagalog!

In addition, I will be speaking at local church outreach events, with special outreaches in slums and evacuation sites filled with people who lost their homes in the recent typhoon. Join us in prayer for this Philippine project…that hundreds and thousands will repent and respond to the love of Jesus Christ and be saved, and that the pastors, church leaders, and Great Commission-minded Christians will be highly inspired, encouraged, and better equipped to fulfill their particular roles in making disciples of their nation!

It goes without saying that it will take thousands of dollars to cover the expenses for this project. This Philippines project and our ministry have been laid at the feet of Jesus, and He will provide as He desires. Thank you in advance for caring enough to give and to partner with us in touching lives in Asia!

For taking hope to the Philippines, I am sincerely yours,

Scott Nute

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