Passing Family Faith in New Mexico

mexico-01The main reason I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart as my personal Lord and Savior at age 19 is because I wanted to go to Heaven when I die. I had no idea whatsoever of how Jesus could, and would, change my life so drastically. He has literally made me into a new person from the inside out! Now, 29 years after first meeting Jesus, I am able to return to the state—New Mexico—where our family of three (photo to the left from around 2001) moved to from the state of Missouri in 1979! I will be able to pass on to others the salvation that Jesus first gave to my mom, who then passed it to my brother and me (all three of us accepted Jesus in NM at various times and ways and locations)! Passing on our family faith will happen through our upcoming CRUSADE OF HOPE in Hobbs, New Mexico, September 13-16, 2015. This will be one of the greatest privileges of my life, and a constant support that has helped me keep going in this ministry is the love, encouragement, and prayers, of my mom, Pat, and my brother, Todd! Through the ups and downs of life, and through the geographical distance between us, our little family of three is going to Heaven someday and we are doing what we can to pass it on! Thank you Jesus for the passing on of family faith!

Twenty-four churches throughout the Hobbs, NM, area have united together for this event. Hobbs is a small town with 35,000 residents, and 65,000 people reside in the county. The crusade will take place in the Lea County Event Center (photo below), which seats over 6,000 people, so it will take a miracle from God to fill the arena. We have no idea what to expect, but we are going for it by faith knowing that HE is the God of miracles, and that HE does what HE wants, when HE wants! The crusade committee has prayed and prepared for this event for one year. We have been praying, and fasting, for hundreds of people to turn to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and have their lives drastically changed forever! Please join us in praying for both a harvest of souls and for a Great Spiritual Awakening!

mexico-02After the CRUSADE OF HOPE in Hobbs, NM, we will return to Central America to continue passing on the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Santa Rosa, Honduras, November 5-9, 2015. Our Latin Crusade Director, Victor Almendarez, has been working for several months mobilizing the involved local churches for the crusade. This event will be conducted in their local soccer stadium, Estadio Sergio Antonio Reyes. The local churches are being trained to share their faith, and Crusade Counselors will be equipped to follow-up those who make decisions for Jesus Christ. In tandem with the crusade, our partner Honduran evangelist, Frank Salazar, will be preaching the Gospel in numerous local schools and colleges, and then inviting all the students and faculty to the event.

As we go out to the nations with the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ, your generous support, and your powerful prayers, are asked for, and appreciated! Thank you for your help!

Passing on His salvation,

Scott Nute

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