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I am going to put all my cards on the table and share vulnerably from my heart. Our ministry is experiencing  unprecedented invitations to do ministry all over the world, even in closed countries. God willing, here is where I will  be going over the next year to reach and train people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ: Honduras (November), Argentina (December), Philippines & India (February), Bangladesh (April), Pakistan (May), Fiji (July). I am so grateful for these opportunities, YET…my heart is troubled because all of these projects must be downsized due to limited funding; meaning, we will reach and train less people than we could if sufficient funding were available.

I come to you today saying from my heart to those of you who give to our ministry, THANK YOU!! so much for your help! Last year our ministry received $104,000 in donations, the most funding we have ever received, and we saw 5,435 people commit to Jesus Christ and trained 1,426 church leaders! I tell you our income because some Christians assume many, if not all, international evangelists have millions of dollars donated each year, and this is not true. You are probably aware of how much money is donated to the ministries you give to, but if you are not, here are a few sites where you can go to find out because all tax-exempt nonprofit organizations have to file an annual 990 income statement with the IRS that is public domain: (we are Gold Level with GuideStar, their highest level of financial transparency and accountability), and ($500,000 is the required minimum annual income in order to be posted in Charity Navigator).

To continue being transparent, it seems a number of Christians assume all evangelists have “generous” salaries. Since God called me to be an evangelist in 1990, my average annual income for the past 24 years (including some part-time jobs) has been $14,464. Last year I was paid $32,000, so I am now taken care of with a sufficient salary, recently attained health sharing coverage, and God willing, we will start a retirement fund for me soon. YET…it is difficult saying NO to so many ministry opportunities, and difficult again having to scale back the opportunities I do accept.

As I said before, last year our ministry income was $104,000 and I am determined—God willing—to get that amount up to a minimum of $250,000 per year. Reaching $250,000 will allow us to accept more projects each year and the projects we do accept won’t have to be downsized, but instead can reach and train more people in both QUANTITY and QUALITY…and you can help us accomplish this! Then we will be able to share more stories of transformed lives, such as “Prasanna,” (photo on the left) the young woman in India who publicly turned to Jesus Christ during one of our events and within hours of her conversion she was attacked by religious extremists. Her injuries required surgery to relieve pressure in her brain from the beating. Praise God, she fully recovered and has since acquired a good job in computer technology and she shared her testimony in the very area where she was attacked!

Without using any attempts at manipulation, I am simply laying before you the opportunity to help our ministry reach and train more people…to help us take the next step in financial growth so I don’t have to keep saying NO to opportunities but YES! And, I am asking you to not just give this month only, but rather I am looking for “PARTNERS” who will give consistently because…next year, as I enter my 25th year as an evangelist, God willing, I plan on doing this ministry year-after-year, decade-after-decade, until Jesus comes, or until we pass this ministry over to a younger evangelist in the future, or until my life is over. Whenever I pray, I make my requests for all of you with joy, for you have been my PARTNERS in spreading the Good News about Christ – Philippians 1:4-5.

My responsibility is to present the opportunities and our needs, and then let God’s Spirit move the hearts of His people to help us. With whatever funding God provides, our ministry will go out with confidence and joy proclaiming the Gospel to the world! Whether it be “upgraded” projects or “downsized,” we are GOING out to reach as many people as we can!

Honestly His…and yours, for the Gospel,

Scott Nute

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