Sisters Saved, Abused Boys Now Evangelists

1Over 40 churches throughout the region of Chalatenango, El Salvador gathered to lift up the Name of Jesus in Jose Gregario Martinez Stadium, February 12-13. Personal testimonies were given, and worship music from talented bands shared, such as the police orchestra in the photo. Because of the contributions that we received from our ministry partners, we trained 160 Christians in how to share their faith, and in how to invite non-Christians to the crusade, and in how to be a counselor both at the crusade services and in2 the post-crusade follow-up and discipleship! Plus, due to the support that caring and generous Christians donated to our ministry, we were able to rent 60 buses that traveled across the entire region bringing individuals, families, churches, and youth, to hear this message that we preach of a Crucified & Resurrected Son of God—Jesus Christ!

Over 7,300 people heard a clear proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and 230 people registered a public decision for Christ…188 people repented and accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord, and 42 Christians rededicated their lives! People responded to the Gospel message like the girl in the top photo did when both she and her sister came to Christ! After the service I asked her why she came forward and she said, “I felt a ‘draw’ to the Message, so I  walked forward to accept Jesus as my Savior!” The parents were there watching as both sisters responded to Christ.

Years ago the man in the wheelchair, Victor, was an alcoholic whose wife left him due to his drinking. He had a work accident that broke his back and left him paralyzed. In the aftermath of that tragedy he gave his life to Jesus Christ! Soon after, his wife returned and they had a family. Victor is now a leader in his church, and he was a counselor and an organizer in the crusade!

My El Salvadoran interpreter, Pastor Rene Rosales, (pictured with me in the photo below) and I discovered that we share a unique thing in common. Both of us were sexually abused as little boys. Rene was 8 years old and I was 11, and we both needed years of recovery to heal from the trauma. Rene, now 64, didn’t marry until later in life at age 51. This was an encouragement to me as I am still single at age 49. What a joy and privilege it was for me to share with everyone who attended the crusade how both Rene and I went from abused boys to evangelists for the Most High God…to tell of the hope for wholeness that Jesus Christ offers to those of us who have been broken! It was glorious!

Your support and prayers made all of this happen—Thank You!

For the Glory of God!

Scott Nute

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