Iceberg Ministry: A Life Changing Strategy!

My heart is full of joy and excitement when looking to future opportunities God has opened for our ministry! Later this year we will conduct our first Arena Crusade in the United States in Hobbs, NM, September 13-16, 2015. As for our international crusades…the globe is wide open! We return to Honduras this fall to conduct a crusade in a different region. Then, in 2016, we have opportunities in the most populated areas we have ever had crusades—El Salvador, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and other potential places!

pic1At this time of year, donations to our ministry always decrease due to good things like summer vacations and such; however, God’s Kingdom work continues to advance and WE NEED YOUR HELP, PLEASE! It is your support that enables our ministry to continue forward in reaching the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through our local-church-based Regionwide Crusades. These events always include the vital pre- and post-event mobilization and follow-up system we use (the photo to the left is a girl at our recent Honduras crusade receiving a first layer of local church follow-up from a Crusade Counselor). To illustrate the 6-12 month planning of an evangelistic crusade, imagine an iceberg: the tip above the water are the actual crusade services, which is 10% of the entire process, and the 90% of the iceberg that is “unseen” underwater is 50% pre-crusade local church training and preparation, and 40% is the post-crusade follow-up and discipleship through the involved local churches. We are seeing—by the grace of God—thousands of people coming to know Jesus Christ through the crusade system we are using. These new believers are then connected to the local churches for spiritual nurturing opportunities!

Iceberg-IllustrationOur ministry covers 100% of the expenses for our international crusades, of which the largest budget item is always renting public transportation to bring people to and from the crusade to hear the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ (the photo below, from our recent crusade in La Paz, Honduras, shows just one of the 155 public vehicles we rented)! The people we are reaching live in poverty and many will not attend the event if transportation is not provided. The average cost to bring one person to hear the Gospel at one of our crusades is $1.50-$3.00. The average cost for us to conduct our crusades on the highest level—to bring, reach, train, and follow-up, as many people as possible—is $40,000. At this point, the most beneficial way you can help our ministry is to become a monthly partner, which helps us to plan ahead! Giving both a GENERAL MONTHLY GIFT, and a DESIGNATED SPECIAL GIFT for each international crusade that we conduct, would be an ideal way to help us. Here are ways you can partner with us:

pic3On our website, you can conveniently set up an automatic monthly gift. Plus, you can donate stocks, securities, and real estate property through our account with the National Christian Foundation of Houston. When you make purchases on AmazonSmile, you can select our ministry to receive .5% of the amount you spend. And as always, sending a gift to our office is greatly appreciated! In whatever way the Spirit of the Lord prompts you to help us, we are grateful for your support!

For souls…being led to Heaven and rescued from Hell,

Scott Nute

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