World Testimonies – “The Great Son of God!”

It’s the time of year we celebrate Thanksgiving! Please join me in giving thanks to the Lord for the following people whose lives were recently changed by the Good News of Jesus Christ!

In India one of our E-Video Teams, led by an evangelist who we’ll call “Paul” (for safety reasons), was off and running to go out and reach people with the new equipment kit our ministry provided for him. Using the video projector, and the Bibles, and the rice, and the tracts we printed in their local language, Telugu, Paul showed our video in 4 events. He conducted these events in churches and schools (top 2 photos), where he played and interpreted our video—The Cross! Paul gave rice and salvation tracts to everyone in attendance. Through these events 134 people made public decisions of repentance and faith in Jesus Christ! After turning his life over to Christ, one man said, “I spent my life without Christ. I am addicted to drugs, spending life in agony, but now I repent from my sins and accept Jesus as my personal Savior. I have peace now!” Paul went on to tell us that many youth came forward with tears and surrendered their lives to Christ! Paul summed up his recent video report saying, “God is using the simple video to impact believers and unbelievers!”

Our Pakistan teams are seeing so many lives changed by Jesus that I can only share 2 testimonies in this letter due to space. One man, we will call him “Bill,” said after hearing our video message of Jesus Christ (3rd photo), “I came to learn new things about Jesus Christ. I believed in Jesus as a prophet only, but I learned that He is the great Son of God!” And a woman, “Mary”, said this after accepting Christ, “I used to worship hindu gods but I had no happiness, but when I accepted Jesus I am feeling such a joy I never experienced it before.” Along with these 2 testimonies, 20 other Pakistani people came to Christ last month! Our Pakistan teams also did follow-up for those who decided to follow Jesus, teaching the new Christians how to pray and read the Bible. (“Mike” in 4th photo conducting new believers’ Bible study in secret.) These teams also gave out 36 Urdu Bibles to new Christians (bottom photo), as well as rice to all the people who attended the video events!

Word is spreading in the Philippines of the well-organized evangelistic crusades that our ministry conducts. The church leaders like our focus of mobilizing and training the local churches to do both the pre-crusade personal evangelism and the post-crusade follow-up of each person who makes a decision for Jesus Christ! Next year, we have scheduled 2 major Crusade & School Program projects in different cities in the Philippines! These projects have the potential to not only reach and win thousands of people to Jesus Christ, but also to provide ministry training, and strengthening, for the thousands of Christians involved in the hundreds of churches we are partnering with for these events. Our Asian crusade team, and our various E-Video Teams, thank you for your support and request your continued prayers!

Happy Thanksgiving,


Scott Nute

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