God’s Spirit moves in Philippine Province

Our team experienced an outpouring of God’s salvation on a Philippine island during our recent outreach and training project! My heart overflows with gratitude as I share the following project report.

The seaside rural town of Mamburao, located on the island of Mindoro in the Philippines, saw 3,218 people make a decision for Jesus Christ…which is 8% of the local population! During our area-wide “Family Festival” evangelistic event, people from mountain tribes rode on the roofs of jeeps our ministry rented that transported people back-and-forth to the event, and many of them committed to Jesus! Thank you for your prayers and support that made all this possible!

We took our school program into 9 junior high and senior high schools in the Mindoro region. The students were pierced to the heart when hearing the direct Gospel message of Jesus Christ! They responded strongly to the charge of leaving behind drugs, alcohol, gang involvement, sex outside marriage, and other life-destroying issues. Both students and teachers alike publicly repented of their sins and made commitments to Jesus Christ!

After one of our school outreaches, in response to our urging to wait until marriage to have sex, a young person texted one of our team members, saying “Thank you for helping me to protect my sexuality!”

Another component of our recent Philippines project was the “Leadership Development Conference” attended by 215 pastors, church leaders, and ministry-minded Christians! We were able to encourage these leaders with messages on living a life of integrity and how to effectively share their faith, as well as teachings on hope for wounded hearts and revival. Over 70 church leaders made a public rededication of their lives and ministries to Jesus Christ! Plus, we distributed ministry resources and gave 50 Bibles to those who did not own a Bible, and we gave out 30,000 Gospel tracts during this project.

A pastor who attended our Leadership Development Conference  had become weary from the ministry he had to one of the tribal groups in the Philippine mountains; he has to walk some distance regularly to reach and disciple this tribe. During our conference he was encouraged and recommitted his ministry to the Lord, and two days later he returned to the mountain tribe to continue his ministry there!

Please join us in prayer for the continued nurturing and discipleship of those who made commitments to Christ during this project in the Philippines. The follow-up and counseling committee, mobilized weeks in advance by our Asia advance team, has already begun the follow-up and church connection strategy we put in place.

We need your help to continue conducting life-changing outreach and training events like these! Projects are already being prepared for later in the year and with your help we will see more lives changed by the Gospel…your generous financial gift of faith sent today will help us continue to have an impact in people’s lives around the globe! Thank you for your support, prayers, vision, and partnership!

For continued world-wide harvest,

Scott Nute

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