The Purple Sombrero – Reaching Lives in El Salvador

el salvador stadiumWe are praying, and hoping, and working, to fill the stadium below with men, women, youth, and children, who desperately need to hear about—and who desperately need to respond to—Jesus Christ!
Dozens of churches throughout Chalatenango, El Salvador have united together to reach their region with the Good News of Jesus Christ, February 12-13, 2015! With a regional population over 200,000 people, this event in Chalatenango will be the broadest, and the deepest, opportunity our ministry has had to impact lives with The Message of the Cross! The crusade will be conducted at Jose Gregario Martinez Stadium, which has a capacity of 30,000 people (15,000 seating and 15,000 on the field). This soccer stadium (which was provided to us for no charge by the local authorities) has purple seats, and because of its unique shape it is called “El Sombrero/The Hat.”el-salvador-poster Hundreds of Christians from the involved local churches have been mobilized by our crusade director, and they are excited to be PRAYING & INVITING & BRINGING their family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers to come and join us at “The Purple Sombrero” to hear from God’s Word of His loving plan for each of our lives (sample poster/flyer on the right)!

Because of the support we receive from Christians like you, our ministry will be renting dozens of public transportation buses that will travel throughout the entire region of Chalatenango to bring people to the crusade (like the children in the bus windows below). On average, it will cost o ur ministry $125 per bus, with each bus holding around 50 people, which means it will cost approximately $2.50 to bring one person to and from the crusade to hear the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

el salvador kidsThe lives of many people are going to be changed forever, and the souls of many people are going to be saved forever!

Thank you for your partnership in REACHING, WINNING, & TRAINING people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

For El Salvador,

Scott Nute

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Another Year of Winning Souls!

WELCOME TO 2016! What great news we have to tell you as we begin a New Year of proclaiming the GOOD NEWS of JESUS CHRIST to the nations of our world!

The photos above are of people whose lives were changed by the Lord last year through our ministry. Our goal this year is to keep going out with the Gospel and see more lives changed, just like those in the pictures! These individuals are not just “numbers” or faceless souls lost in the masses of a “crusade” crowd, but rather they are living, breathing individual people who made life-changing, and eternity-changing, decisions…these people met Jesus and they were changed!

I would like to point out the young man in the photo on the left, Josh, age 26, who gave his life to Jesus Christ last year at one of our events and then, tragically, he was killed 27 days later in a motorcycle accident. JOSH IS NOW IN HEAVEN! This should shake us up, and strike us deeply, with the blunt reality of the brevity and the unpredictability of life, and of the absolute urgency and importance of reaching people NOW with the Gospel of Jesus Christ—before it is too late!

Only by the grace and power of God I am able to tell you that this year—God willing—we will conduct strategic, regionwide, evangelistic Crusades in the most populated areas that we have been to. A New Year of ministry begins for us next month in Chalatenango, El Salvador, February 12-13! It is there we have the privilege, and the joy, of carrying on this soul-saving, and life-changing, work of proclaiming The Message of the Cross to as many people as we can! Please, pray for more lives to be changed through our events, and pray for our team as we prepare final logistics for this upcoming Crusade. I will share more details with you soon!

It is your love, care, prayers, and support that are helping our ministry to see lives impacted around the globe with the wonderful Gospel of Jesus Christ! Thank you for helping us to begin another year of world ministry, which, by the grace of God, will be my 26th year as an evangelist.

To another year of winning souls,

Scott Nute

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