A New Year: Time To Go!

Welcome to 2018! Have you made any New Year’s resolutions yet? This year let our resolutions be oriented in faith, and  pictured on eternity, and initiated today! There are 2 resolutions I hope we will be challenged with for 2018: 1) to share our faith regularly and to personally lead people to Jesus Christ! And, 2) to go on a short-term mission trip! Question: is there any legitimate—and Biblical—reason that you cannot go on both a domestic mission trip and an international mission trip this year?

Our Video & Food teams are already going out this year with the Great News of Jesus Christ! In the last month our teams conducted 12 outreach events in villages, and in tribes, and in towns, and in cities, in countries such as Kenya, Pakistan, and India! In total, 355 people turned to Jesus Christ! Here are updates from India:

In the 2nd right photo one of our India E-Video Team leaders, “Paul,” is translating our outreach video. Paul is from Burma (also known as Myanmar), and he lives in India with his wife and their 1 year old daughter. Paul conducted our video events inside of village churches, reaching 2 villages with our video—The Cross! In the photo notice how primitive the church is, which is normal for many third-world churches. Paul was able to see 75 people publicly repent and trust in Jesus Christ! He also distributed Bibles and salvation tracts. Paul also gave rice to some of these poor villagers. In many parts of the world, such as India, a simple food staple like rice, given in the love of Jesus, makes an enormous impact! One man who gave his heart to Jesus at one of the village events had no food. So, the rice our team gave him was a timely gift. Here is what he said, “I had nothing to cook, but because of the rice I was given I give thanks to the heavenly Father!”

In another region of India our other team, led by “Ben,” conducted a special Christmas program for children! Some of the children had the red dots of Hinduism on their foreheads because their parents had taken them to a Hindu festival before attending our Christian program. Ben reported that after hearing about Jesus some of the children began saying, “Jesus is my God, my Savior!” The 3rd right photo shows some of the children presenting a skit during the program while holding up the gifts and prizes we provided to each child. The bottom photo is our team giving rice to the children. Because of your support, this children’s Christmas program  impacted the lives of both these children and their parents who brought them!

Our crusade team in the Philippines has been working for many months organizing over 300 churches for our 2018 crusade & school projects! The first of which is next month, February 5-10, in the capital city of the Philippines, Manila! Next month, I will share details of this great opportunity we have in Manila! Thank you for standing strong with us in another year of global ministry service! 

Here’s to another year of winning souls! 

Scott Nute

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