Eternal Tribute to our Supporters and Volunteers!

thanks1One thing I look forward to seeing in Heaven is watching Jesus Christ hand out eternal rewards and tribute to the supporters and volunteers who have given to our ministry! Some of our supporters have been sending us out with the Gospel of Jesus Christ for over 20 years, while others joined our team of “senders” just last month at our Benefit Dinner in Houston. Please know how grateful I have been, and am, and always will be, for the generous support and prayers you have given to help this ministry make a difference in the world with the love of God!

Currently, we have opportunities for ministry in over a dozen nations. We are praying and being as selective as possible about where to go so that we can have both the widest and the deepest impact possible for the Kingdom of God. Later this year we will conduct our largest project to date in India. The Crusade venue holds 60,000 people, and we are praying and preparing to reach as many Indians as we possibly can! Those who commit to Jesus Christ will be followed up with and nurtured by pastors and Christians from the more than 500 churches involved in the pre- and post-project mobilization training. In tandem with the Crusade we will host our Leadership Development Conference, where hundreds of church leaders and ministry-minded Christians attend to receive valuable training and encouragement to help them strive forward in their service to God! Plus, we will be distributing Bibles, evangelism materials, and other ministry resources. (The black and white photo above is from my first crusade event in India in 1999, and God willing there will be many more to come…starting later this year!)

thanks2Over the years it has been quite the faith journey to say the least, watching God provide what is needed to send us to the nations on behalf of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Some people have been giving $10 almost every month for years and God has multiplied their support! Others were able to donate much more than that, such as last year when the tiny church in New Mexico gave $20,000! We are grateful for every amount you have given because, as the Bible says in Philippians 4:17, “Not that I desire your gifts; what I desire is that more be credited to your account.”

Recently, due to the start of a new year and also due to our benefit, we saw supporter’s increase their giving by 25%, or 50%, with some doubling their giving to our ministry, and this means we will see more souls won to Christ! Whether it is your large, medium, or small donation, or monthly or quarterly or annual gifts (and anything in between), or giving via a gift in the mail and/or an online contribution, and for those who donate time and talents as a volunteer…I can hardly wait to watch in Heaven when Jesus hands out YOUR rewards with a smile of tribute and says to YOU who have helped us reach lives around the world with the Great News of Jesus Christ, “Well done, good and faithful servant!…Come and share your master’s happiness!”

Thankfully yours,

Scott Nute

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