Open the Hydrant

BLOG! Who thought up that peculiar word? I had never even considered writing a blog until recently when several people that I trust encouraged me to do so. This is my first blog, and inside of me there is so much I want to share it is quite the challenge to know where to begin. So, let me open up the hydrant inside of me and let it flow!

Almost all people assume public speakers, especially evangelists (maybe because some of us preach so loud), are strong extroverted people persons. I wish I did have that kind of personality. But, I am actually an introverted homebody. You see, I struggle with emotionally connecting with people, and I have a form of social “anxiety” that literally eats and erodes my energy when I am in any type of social setting, especially in small groups and one-on-one settings (and even when I am on the phone). Plus, my “issues” make it very difficult for me to write long term projects, such as books, so a periodical blog fits perfect into my personal life journey. This blog will be a way to somewhat connect with people and not be drained, but rather energized, and this motivates me! So, one goal in this blog is that I want people to know me better (which feels a bit odd to say). I have trouble even knowing myself, so it must be a challenge for others to try and do so; that is, if they want to. Perhaps we can help ourselves know ourselves better, and then pass it on?

Another goal for this blog is that I want to know you better too! From right here on this first blog I encourage, and I ask for, any and all feedback. Even if you disagree with some things that I will share, that is ok. All I ask is that things stay respectful and godly. If you really want to rip into me, please do so through a personal email. So, feel free to respond.

I also want to share (and receive) encouragement and inspiration! I will strive to share practical suggestions on how you and I can follow Jesus Christ day-by-day in this fallen world. And, how we can be, in our actions & words, a legitimate and real witness for Jesus Christ. I hope to do this by providing articles and resources that, when built into our lives, will enable us to have a genuine and direct impact with the Gospel in the lives of the people in our personal worlds.

I am a single, never married, no children, 49-year-old, full-time international evangelist, and I have no clue what it is like to have a spouse and/or have children, like you may have. Nor do I have any clue what it is like to work in the secular world like most of you reading this blog do. Likewise, you probably have no clue what it is like to live in the context of my life as a traveling evangelist. But…we can rub off onto, and into, each other, and help one another grow as individuals!

As you will see, my strength is not in understanding or teaching deep Theology, but I deeply admire those gifted in this area. Nor is my strength in being a highly active and interactive social person. But, I can say that one of my strengths is being honest, transparent, and “raw.” So, if you would like to be a part of my blog, please join us!

We—You & Me—have the greatest opportunity in human history to be a part of the greatest, and the most important, purpose in human history—reaching our world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! So, ultimately, in small ways by our connection through this blog, I hope, and I pray, that we can inspire each other to be, and to do, what God has called and gifted each of us to be and do. Let’s encourage one another to fulfill our individual role in world evangelization! Let’s help each other to finish this life strong!

Blogging for HIM,

Scott Nute

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