Strength in Numbers

“STRENGTH IN NUMBERS!” This saying is a Biblical principle found in Ecclesiastes 4:9-10, “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!”

strength01strength02I am very grateful to God for the team He has brought together in our ministry! As an old baseball player, I appreciate, and realize, the importance of each team member being fully focused on his or her individual role, while at the same time understanding that individual roles are for the greater good of the team. The first person we added to our Latin America team was Victor Almendarez (in photo on the left with me). Pastor Victor was the key person God used as the “door” to open up the Spanish-speaking world to our ministry. He is a pastor in Gracias, Honduras, and has a wife, Virgilia, and five children. Victor has now organized 5 crusades for our ministry and as a result, to this point, over 3,300 people have made life-changing decisions for Christ! Also, Victor has trained 370 Christians for ministry service during the advance mobilization for our events. In addition to being a pastor and a director for our crusades, over the past 16 years Victor has helped plant 36 churches (one in a prison) in numerous villages and mountains in Western Honduras (in photo above Victor is baptizing people in the river for one of his mountain churches). Your support enabled our ministry to give a portable sound system to Victor’s ministry, which is used in various ways, such as sharing the Gospel at youth outreaches (photo to right). Plus, we have given over 15,000 salvation tracts in Spanish that they use all the time, like in medical mission clinics (photo bottom right, tracts being read by visitors waiting to see a doctor at a medical clinic). Praise the Lord for our dedicated team members…because of your support, our ministry is continually able “to equip the saints for works of ministry.”

strength03Please join us in prayer for the continued follow-up, church connection, and discipleship of the 1,097 people who decided for Christ (such as the young mom with her baby girl to the left) at our recent Crusade & School Program project in Sonaguera, Honduras, May 25-28. Pray for God to raise them up into “normal” New Testament Christians who actually share their faith verbally with other people, and who are willing to leave their routine and their comfort and their security for the sake of the cross!

We would appreciate it if you would pray for our team as we continue preparations for upcoming events. And, please pray for me as decisions are made in regard to where to go for future ministry opportunities. Best wishes!

In His strength,

Scott Nute

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