Using all means to save souls

It is “WORLD SERIES” time! October is when the world baseball championship is played; when old memories from over two decades ago return to my mind…the great memories of when God allowed me to play professional baseball as a pitcher in the minor leagues for the Detroit Tigers. To share a brief testimony with you…

pic1I went on my first mission trip in 1989 with a Christian baseball ministry called “Athletes in Action.” We were in Honduras, and it was there that God divinely opened the door for a Latin Scout to sign me to a free-agent contract after he watched me pitch an exhibition game against a Honduran national team. It was a dream come true that God allowed me to play pro baseball as a platform to proclaim the Great News of His Son, Jesus Christ! During my second year of professional baseball, however, I had a “freak” accident to my pitching shoulder that ended my pro baseball career just as suddenly as it had begun. At the time I was devastated, but now, 25 years later, I am so glad the Lord allowed me to get injured and that HE shut the door to play baseball because shortly after the injury God called me to be an evangelist (at first I didn’t even know what an evangelist was). Never in my farthest imagination could I have dreamed that God would still be using baseball in my ministry today as a stage to proclaim the Great News of His Son, Jesus Christ. Sports is a major area of common interest internationally and some people who would not normally attend a “religious” event are “drawn” to come and hear a former athlete, and thus hear the Gospel presented. Sports also can open unique doors to reach young people (such as the school outreach in Hong Kong in the photo below). Our next project just “happens” to be in the country where it all began 25 years ago—Honduras! And, guess what is being used as a major part of the publicity for this Crusade?—Baseball! Praises to God for His Sovereign plans!

 pic2A great verse in the Bible says, “Whatever you do, do it ALL for the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31). Our ministry is doing all we can to use all God gives us to reach and train people to follow Jesus Christ and to be laborers in His Great Commission of reaching the world with the Gospel. Because of the support we receive from people like you, we are able to conduct projects like the one coming up November 4-8 in Gracias, Honduras. Your support covers project expenses for such vital things as: public transportation rentals to bring non-Christians to and from the crusade services, training & follow-up materials, Bibles, sound system & stage rentals, food for the training conferences, posters & flyers, personal travel costs, and other needed expenses. Thank you for your partnership!

Churches throughout the region of Gracias, Honduras have been praying and preparing the past 4 months for this Crusade…praying for people to turn to the forgiveness of sin and eternal purpose Jesus Christ offers to us all! Please, join us in prayer for a powerful move of God to start in, and spread throughout, Honduras!

Still “pitching” the Gospel for Jesus,

Scott Nute

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