$2.14 Per Honduran Soul

We are sending our November ministry update to you early because of the timing and approaching budget deadline of our upcoming crusade November 6-7, in Santa Rosa, Honduras. We have a tremendous opportunity to impact an entire region with the Message of Jesus Christ, and I wanted to share how you can be personally involved in a very special way!

honduras1In April of this year we were in Honduras conducting our first stadium crusade, and it was tremendously blessed by God! We saw over 20,000 people attend the two-night event, with over 800 people making life-changing decisions to publicly repent of their sins and to, by faith, trust in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior! A most significant part of the fruit resulting from that event was the generous and “specific” financial gifts we received from many of our ministry partners! The designated special gifts we received enabled our ministry to rent 155 public buses/vans, which brought thousands of people to hear about the love and hope of Jesus Christ (like the young boys to the left who, after they received Christ, were getting follow-up from a counselor we trained). And very soon in Santa Rosa, just like this past April, our ministry has been presented with a huge opportunity to once again impact an entire region in Honduras with the message of The Cross!

Santa Rosa, Honduras is a town of 42,000 people. Within a 60-mile radius there are over 15 additional small towns/villages, which means we can reach over 100,000 people through this crusade. Our Latin Crusade Director, and the involved local churches, have worked together to strategically set up a public transport system that will send buses throughout the entire region to pick up, bring, and return, countless families, youth, and children, to this unique event. The crusade is being held in a soccer stadium (at no charge) that is centrally located in this region, and the seating capacity, plus field capacity, is around 12,000. It will cost, on average, $2.14 to bring one person each night to and from the crusade. Due to the poverty level of Honduras, many people can’t attend the crusade unless transportation is provided for them. Up to 140 churches throughout the region have requested buses so that they can attend the crusade.

Will you help us bring thousands of Honduran people to hear how much Jesus Christ loves them? To fill the stadium with people, we need a minimum of $17,000 to be donated and designated specifically to the “Santa Rosa Honduras Transport.” Please consider giving a designated gift today, and 100% of your gift will be used to rent buses/vans like the one in the photo below that we rented earlier this year. You can give a convenient and safe online gift right now through our website. Or, sending your gift to our office would be greatly appreciated! Please be sure and designate your gift to the “Santa Rosa Honduras Transport.”

honduras2Over 250 Christian volunteers from the involved churches throughout Santa Rosa have already been trained by our Crusade Director in how to follow up with those who will come to Christ through this crusade. These dedicated believers are excited and ready to connect the new believers to a local church for spiritual growth! Thank you for helping us to both win the lost to Christ, and to train Christians for ministry service!

For winning the lost of Latin America,

Scott Nute

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